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Zenrin Kushû “A Collection of Phrases from the Zen Garden,” a compilation of 6,000 quotations drawn from various Buddhist scriptures, Zen texts, and non-Buddhist sources.

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Tôyô drew his material from sutras, recorded sayings of Chinese Zen masters, Taoist texts, Confucian texts, and Chinese poetry. The good merchant hides his possessions well and appears to have nothing. With no bird singing the mountain is yet more still.

He arranged the phrases according to length, beginning with single-character expressions, continuing with phrases of two characters through eight characters, and interspersing parallel verses of five through eight characters. In the spring beyond time the withered tree flowers.

Tôyô’s work circulated in manuscript form for several generations until the seventeenth century. The haze mist does not stay the plum flower's fragrance. When the snowy heron stands in the snow, the colors are not the same. A pair of monkeys are reaching for the moon in the water.

At that time, a person using the pen name Ijûshi produced an expanded version of the text that was first published in 1688 under the title Zenrin Kushû. The flute without holes is the most difficult to blow. How many times for your sake have I gone down into the blue dragon's cave!

It has, as well, a full bibliography and a most valuable 87-page introduction which carefully explains and discusses the literary tradition of Zen practice. There's no cool spot in a cauldron of boiling water.

The full introduction is available for downloading in format. Though the frog leaps, it can't get out of the bushel.

(Hori has also written about his experiences in translating the Zen Sand.

This was published before Zen Sand and you can read it here.) In his introduction, Hori points out that Rinzai koan practice is “like all Buddhist practices”, (p.5) a religious practice.

Victor Sogen Hori: Zen Sand: The Book of Capping Phrases for Koan Practice University of Hawai'i Press, Honolulu, 2003, p. Three m en testified about the tortoise, so that makes it a turtle. When pure gold enters the fire, its color becomes still brighter.

764 review by Vladimir K., October, 2003 Book Reviews/Zen_). The well looks at the ass; the ass looks at the well. Endlessly rise the distant mountains, blue heaped upon blue.

According to Hori, “Such literary study is not merely an incidental part of koan study” (p.4) but an essential training for Rinzai monks. Before, three times three; behind, three times three. Riding backwards on an ox, I enter the Buddha-hall. You must see for yourself the red-flowers drenched in moonlight. The rat that entered the money box is as its wit's end.

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