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The Expo will feature displays of toy and model trains, informative clinics, and train sales.


He was drafted and served in the army from January 1943 to end of March 1944, when he returned to his bureaucratic duties before becoming director of a refugee camp.

At the end of the war he moved to Austria, then Argentina, where he opened a bookstore.

In 1956, Hefelmann returned to (West) Germany as a businessman.

He fled to Spain in 1959 to avoid being implicated in trial of others for their roles in the “euthanasia program,” then returned in 1960 and made a statement to the police.

He was then accused of par-ticipating in the murder of at least 70,000 adults and 5,000 children.

He was judged physically and mentally unfit to stand trial in Limburg in 1964; supposedly his failing health would cause his death within two years.

Hefelmann lived in Munich until 1986, however, never having gone to trial.

You and your family are invited to attend the Toy and Model Train Expo, sponsored by the Nor-Cal Division of the Train Collectors Association.

- works with all volunteers to coordinate scheduling, locations, and provides Certifications to students for work hours. Schedule to be arranged as needed at each location locations.

Needs computer skills, email access, flexible hours. Opportunity #2: to be responsible for creating email list for organization and keeping the list updated. One volunteer needed Opportunity #3: to serve as secretary to HAERC, sending email correspondence to volunteers , partners board members and interested individuals and businesses.

Need s to have access to internet l and local telephone . Need computer literacy, access to email and local telephone. Flexible time One volunteer needed Opportunity #4: Hours to be arranged for each location.

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