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I like working the night shift at the library because it’s quiet, but the thing is, I always do my homework beforehand, because I know I am terrible at concentrating at night.

As for specifics on Key of SHINee, read the previous post.

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Overall, the most popular ‘possible’ homosexuals were Yun Jae (Yunho, Jaejoong), Jong Key (Jonghyun, Key), Jo Kwon, and Heechul. I don’t believe homosexuality is a lifestyle choice; it’s something that is encoded in your genome.

I watched a few Yun Jae videos, and for more than 80% of the videos, I wasn’t very impressed; it just looks like the status quo of the kpop world.

The lesson is that a lot of people tend to exaggerate about the moments so-and-so idol have, so be careful when reading fan accounts and opinions.

(2) fan service / idol life: entertainment companies aren’t stupid.

They know their demographic are young girls who swoon at Hanchul (Hangeng & Heechul) skinship, too much bromance, and a lot of sweet manliness (yes, I have fallen into the Lee Minho boat too).

You don’t just wake up one day, after living with five guys in a dorm for five years, and develop general feelings for men.

I also believe in the Kinsey scale; no one is completely homosexual or straight– everyone is bicurious to a degree.

The statistic that one in ten people are gay is completely bogus– that’s counting people who have had homosexual once-in-a-lifetime encounters. I don’t think one or two experiences with the same-sex automatically signs you up batting for one team only. There have been studies that show that homosexuals have better visual perception (i.e.

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