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), delete downloads\cache0and INSTALL again There will be no windirstat file under plugins. " Follow step 3.1 and create plugin_containing CAUTION: There is a typo: is Attached is missing a character h. BTW: I do not understand why you want to have as plugin. Just remember I need a Plugins to be added to Mozilla (Webvisum) Nvda is giving me eross! Win7PE' : at Line: 9 : in file: C:\Builder\downloads4-NVDA\: winpe .start At Shell ( ) [ADDING] COMPONENT: Driver Packs [ADDING] COMPONENT: Custom Drivers [ADDING] CORE: Shut Down PE [ADDING] CORE: Startup Code [ADDING] CORE: Grub4DOS [CLOSING] Source WIM archives [CLOSING] Target registry hives [DONE] wim-boot directory built [COMMAND] BUILD WIM [STARTING] Creating a new WIM archive, using the files from wim-boot as source, compression "NONE" [RUNNING] 5% done [RUNNING] 15% done [RUNNING] 25% done [RUNNING] 35% done [RUNNING] 47% done [RUNNING] 57% done [RUNNING] 72% done [RUNNING] 82% done [RUNNING] 92% done [DONE] The WIM file is available at C:\Builder\output\bootdisk\sources\and is sized in 266 Mb. [COMMAND] BUILD ISO [STARTING] Creating the ISO image [DONE] The ISO file is available at C:\Builder\output\and is sized in 271 Mb. [COMPLETED] Project build was concluded in 1 minute and 1 second. [ADDING] PLUGIN: NVDA [ERROR] Error while interpreting C:\Builder\downloads4-NVDA\main.bsh, the error message is: Sourced file: inline evaluation of: ``process Hook();'' : Error in method invocation: Method start At Shell() not found in class'win7pecore.

If I look in Downloads When designing the new winbuilder we wanted to avoid one issue: When you download a new version, all current settings are reset to factory settings. We use following solution: The actual settings are a copy of the downloaded settings.

Description: When migrating data from 4.0.x series of the mysql server (we have used 4.0.21 and 4.0.24 Linux binaries provided by My SQL) to a 4.1.x series of the mysql server (we have used mysql provided binaries of versions 4.1.7 and 4.1.11 on Solaris and Linux), we receive the following error: ERROR 1030 (HY000) at line X in file: '/tmp/foo.sql': Got error 139 from storage engine The sql file was generated by running mysqldump on the 4.0.x database and attempting to load it into the 4.1.x database.

It will load with no errors into a 4.0.x database, but returns the above mentioned error on the 4.1.x databases.

From the documentation ( the row length is limited by the size of the database page.

2014/03/26 [INFO] Then run it once in order to do some initialisations / updates, etc. It defines actions of the plugin during INSTALL and during BUILD. But sometimes you want to have some additional actions when the plugin is added to the PE source.

In this case set 2014/03/26 [INFO] Before you can add the Piriform Clam Win Portable plugin in your project, you have to install it into V:\WB2_A\WB2\winbuilder\run\lib\plugins\Anti Vir\Piriform Clam Win Portable.

Maybe also install *files cannot be extracted into an usable application.

False: Do not extract, independent from file type This method causes a download during INSTALL, and copying / extracting the app files into . But there is a bug in the used Seven Zip Bindings, which prohibits some files to be extracted correctly.

You can see comments in $Base Dir$\downloads\ I followed 3.1, but I'm confused as to where to put the plugin to get it to show up in the INSTALL list.

For your examples you say to put it in $Base Dir$\downloads, but that's not working for me. The INSTALL list shows only plugins available on download area.

When you create a new local plugin like described above, it is of course not on and therefore not in the list.

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