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An X-rated conversation has been broadcast over a city by two policemen who thought they were alone.A patrol helicopter in Winnipeg, Canada, was hovering over the city on a routine flight when the pilots' chatter appeared to be broadcast on the craft's PA speaker.As well as covering money and swearing, the sex chat which the Winnipeg Police Service pair had has left them red-faced and apologetic for what people heard.

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Brandi Armstrong told CBC Canada that she heard one pilot ask "Can you give me a b*** j**?

" The other officer apparently replied: "You have too much body hair." Brandi added: “[I was] shocked, surprised.

My jaw hit the ground; eyes bulged out." She has since called for the officers to be disciplined.

Other members of the public have been more humorous in their response.

But it’s too early to determine what type of disciplinary action the three officers involved will face, police spokesman Const. Disciplinary measures will "absolutely" be part of the internal review, he said.

The police helicopter Air1 was watching over the city on routine patrol around p.m.

when its public-address system was mistakenly switched on, allowing residents in several neighbourhoods to hear crude remarks from the flight crew.

The three officers in the helicopter couldn’t hear their own broadcast and didn’t immediately realize the loudspeaker was on, turning it off a few minutes later.

The officers in question, who have not been named, have apologised to city residents.

A police statement was released by the Winnipeg Police Service later which said: "On June 22, 2015, at approximately 9.30 pm, members of the Winnipeg Police Service Helicopter AIR1, while on routine patrol, inadvertently activated the aircraft’s public address system.

"As a result, the flight crew’s conversation was publically broadcast; some content of the conversation was inappropriate.

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