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My friend ordered cashew chicken to split with her kids – a hearty serving of little bits of chicken, cashews and some sprinkling of snow peas.The great thing about the serving size is that it’s easy to split and go family-style if you’d like (or hoard it all for yourself if that’s the way you roll).It was passable – an acceptable lunch for the price. A decent thick breading with delicate, tender shrimp inside.

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Some dishes are decent and others are just alright.

The service has always been outstanding and surprisingly fast (almost too fast).

On one lunch visit with a friend and all of our kids, we started with some of the house soup – a chicken rice soup with a few scallions.

We added crispy wanton noodles to them (which totally makes it better).

It tastes like a homemade familiar chicken noodle soup – but with rice.

A great item to order if you’re feeling a winter cold come on.

There isn’t a kids’ menu, and my boys eat like birds, so I thought some pork dumplings might be interesting enough for them.

They liked them, and I thought they were pretty tasty – pork dumpling, steamed, with ginger sauce to dip them in – chewy, savory, appetizing.

Em 1859, a ligação entre Lisboa e Porto através das carreiras da Malaposta fazia-se em 34 horas e passava por 23 estações de muda.


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