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The biggest caveat I have is something that many may also consider a point in its favour: It features a unique setting, so it will likely lose a bit of its appeal when transposed into a 'standard' setting. You can also run it at whatever pace you want and add in side quests if needed (with a bit of care to make them fit).

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If you want to go back and check out previous Picks, just click here and you can scroll through everything I Picked over the last, well... Today, they're returning for D&D 5th Edition with the Living Arcanis 5E campaign - and it includes a free 64-page primer chock full of new content.

You can download it right here (just click on the pretty picture below). "The campaign begins today, with the release of four Introductory adventures, suitable for 1st level characters.

In October, the next four Introductory adventures will be released, with the thirteen adventure story arc entitled, The Coming of the Destroyer debuting through May 2017." Doom, widely-regarded as one of the first successful first-person shooter video game, has its roots in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign that went disastrously wrong when one of the player characters made a literal deal with the devil..lost. The Science Fiction Roleplaying Game, or you have a hardcover on its way but would like another for your gaming group, all you have to do is devise a playable alien race using the guidelines in the book and post it here. ) will win a free full-colour hardcover of the game.

This is a repost of the NEW alien race contest (the original was lost in the crash). Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week's gaming news!

One of the biggest days on the UOW Clubs Calendar is on again with over 80 of our great clubs getting together and presenting Clubs Day at UOW.

Starting up at the Mc Kinnon Lawn and snaking it's way down to the Library, club stalls will be there for students to engage with and discuss all the great things about that club.

At such a diverse event, faculty clubs, cultural and religous clubs, hobby clubs, sport clubs and service/volunteer clubs will be out out and about and would love to speak to you.

Of course there will be heaps of freebies about so come down and meet your clubs and find out how you can join like-minded people in doing things you love!

Beginning with a well-thought out, logical campaign premise that allows the PC's to truly be the star of the show, these adventures flow togehter cohesively one into the next, (which is sometimes an issue in the serialzed adventure paths! While the main storyline is quite linear, it doesn't feel "Rail-roady", and (in the collected print or PDF book), there are some "Intermin Adventure" hooks and ideas that add a bot more of the "sandbox" element to the game.

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