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If you refuse to give them your money, they get pissy, and never wants to talk to you again.

I would recommend that you avoid this site, it's horrible, so many scammers and liars on here. I got a lot of messages from Nigeria and european and asian women who are looking for money.

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First she said she was looking for a men for a relationship. There is a lot of scammers and asians women who are looking for money and sex. I am very good with women in other sites, but Mingle2 I have used the site for more than one year, it's a total waste of time. Men hiding behind the photos and profiles of women.

And many peoples from there are fake and you getting fake pics and you can added on google image and they are not real and a lot of racism. And after wasting your time for weeks of chatting and exchanging messages, confronting them with their fact, they confess that they are boys who are playing with you, and they are not shy about that. The site might be free, but the site's User Interface is rather pathetic.

I have reported many profiles and the moderator banned me for nothing. As for the "dating" part of the site, don't bother. I'm in the DFW area, and saw maybe 5-12 new profiles per day for people in my dating range, within a 50 mile radius.

There is a lot of things going on that site active. Even if extended to 100, I didn't have much of an improvement.

(Sub) Chika Amatori's Side Effect - Yuichi and Osamu's critical mission to investigate the abnormal gate puts a lot of pressure on Osamu.

Meanwhile, Yuma follows Replica's advice and conducts an investigation of his own.

The next morning, Osamu and Yuichi have a fateful meeting with Yuma...

I've been on here a few months now and I encountered a lot of scammers.

Some of the scammers just message you or favorites you, those are the real scammers.

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