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Body shaming in the online dating community definitely isn’t a shock to anyone with a Wifi connection.

Now there’s a dating app for men and women with curves or people who (gasp) are into men and women with curves called Woo Plus, reports.

The happy little homepage says “Big girls, you’ve got more admirers than you think.” COOL? Hang on while I get over the whiplash I just got from the earth-shattering knowledge that other people find curvy women attractive. Obviously that was enough to make me say “bye,” but I kept scrolling out of curiosity.

The site is peppered with isolating lines such as, ” Curvy people can use this app to send private chat messages to attractive large singles” and “No matter what your interests are, Woo Plus App always helps you find and date with the people you like most: BBWs, BHMs, wooers of fat people and so on.” Really with the “wooers of fat people”?

Was there any way they could possibly make a Woo Plus user feel more like an alien in the dating landscape?

There are countless dating apps in existence today but, unfortunately, not all of them provide a safe experience for all types of users.

Raman and Li refuse to allow their users to become fetishized as they have in other dating platforms, such as the original Tinder.

The popular website Mashable featured a review of the new app, Chelsea Frisbie tried that app and was not very open minded at first, expecting to still find the fetishism she was hoping to escape.However, she was surprised to find the 25,000-and growing- user network to be full of genuine people looking for relationships, friendships, and hookups, just like every other dating app on the market.Vice columnist Alison Stevenson, like Frisbie, was upset with the negative experiences she faced on traditional dating websites and apps.But, now there is a new dating app hoping to change this: Woo Plus which is geared towards plus size dating.According to The Mirror, CEO Neil Raman came up with the idea for Woo Plus after seeing his own sister struggle with the cruelty of other dating applications, describing her experience as “painful and unfair.” The app is set up similar to Tinder, however, they have created a set of strict policies against fat shamers, which can result in a user getting permanently banned.The inspiration for the app also came in the form of a 2014 You Tube social experiment, People Magazine found.


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