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You could run many times until by chance you catch the process "red handed".

That process itself could be going into and out of existence quickly. Here is an excerpt: Hey look, the mount count is equal to the maximum mount count.

If yours is zero, change it to some positive value like 22 using .

Zero means that a check is never forced regardless of how many times the partition is mounted.

Rarely rebooted systems should have low values here.

A server that goes down once a year could probably use a fsck each time it reboots. Now to force a check, you can override the See, as I suspected.

No mysterious disk corruption flogging the space up and down.

I mean that could explain an isolated incident, but once it's repaired, it should be repaired.

And the drive is failing, you would expect some errors in the kernel log and panics.

A disk check freed some of the space, suggesting that this problem (or part of it) may be due to filesystem corruption.

I was running Ubuntu, as normal, when suddenly I got a dialog box that said I only had 1.2 GB of free space left. I deleted some stuff and brought the free space up to 25 GB. I tried removing old log files and truncating log files and such, and it continues to decrease!

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