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The title and opening track Country Mile sets up the idea of striking out and taking off - letting all fear and doubt dissipate to the imprint of your feet on the earth. S Eliot’s style of writing, is about an abstract mis-encounter, a reflection on a relationship where the two people didn’t see the same thing happening at the same time.

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‘It’s a song you'd sing to get through a difficult time,’ and owes a debt to Hank Williams who Flynn listened to a lot when writing the album.

Fol-de-Rol references Johnny’s love of South American folk songs and specifically a Peruvian style of music called Chicha – psychedelic ' Cumbias' from the 60s/70s.

Einstein’s Idea, a lullaby written for Johnny’s two-year-old son Gabriel, takes the theory of relativity to romantic heights; ‘It’s explaining how objects, despite being separate from one another, are still attracted to each other, but talking about that space between things…

the gap in between us and that same gap, it might as well be the gap between you and the stars.’ A hopeful interpretation comforting his true love with the notion that as everything is around you, everything is there for you.

Flynn is about to commence a tour in support of the album – starting in the USA with friends Mumford and Sons, before his own headline shows in the UK and Europe, including a date at the Hackney Empire.

His thespian tendencies have not been neglected either, with a lead in Song One alongside Anne Hathaway released next year, and a role in Oliver Assayas' Sils Maria with Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart and Chloe Moretz.

Rambling forward, the possibilities for Johnny Flynn are immense, especially with the arrival of Country Mile – perhaps the most rewarding chapter so far in this ongoing epic.

Johnny Flynn has what you might call a restless creativity.

Country Mile – the title for Johnny Flynn’s third album – is an apt description of a strident career that has encompassed a vast distance, along a naturally meandering pathway.

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