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Some gross feminist careerist reptile who works for Facebook (dying media company if the decline in young recruits is any indication) has a long interview in Salon explaining her insipid views on the disparity between the sexes in upper echelon representation and the oft-debunked (but obviously not often enough) “gender pay gap”.

I urge you to skim it quickly, because it’s largely the usual unverifiable, proof by assertion femcunt claptrap.

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[ed: could you imagine being hitched to this repulsive ballbuster? [ed: the data is also strong that dyke couples have high rates of domestic violence] If you are a female and your partner is likely to be male, this is something to really pay attention to.

I say in the book, date the bad boys, date the crazy boys, but do not marry them.

Marry the boys who are going to change half of the diapers.

“I don’t wanna sound like a feminist slut or nothin…

I’ve noticed that as Western women have become masculinized and set adrift from their main purpose as nurturers and child bearers to ricochet down a rocky crevasse of careerism, multi-decade pump and dump victimization and pre-wall beta male settling, their desire, their , to belittle men has increased. And so we see them tossing around terms like “boys” and “guys” to avoid addressing their potential lovers and providers as “men”.

Similarly, as Western men have become feminized and neutered of their ability to project dominance, their need to glorify women and accord their every trivial accomplishment or wayward musing a hero’s benediction has increased.

The behaviors of the sexes are in the process of meiosis and reformulation, a classic switcheroo, and this is a harbinger of the end days of a cultural empire.

What the vapid feminist entity above confesses, perhaps unwittingly, is that chicks truly deeply honestly dig jerks.

but I kinda wanna fuck the sexy jerks and make the niceguys wait to put a ring on it.” I hope every beta male in the world is reading this post right now, because this bitch just opened up and exposed the mouth to hell that burns at the heart of every woman’s naked id.

Not all women are so aggressively calculating, but most feel the subsonic thump of compulsion to autonomically follow the alpha fux, beta bux dating strategy.

It’s your job as a man with functioning testicles to stop women from using you in this manner.

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