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Unlike the former space shulltes, the fuel system is designed to be safe, making use of hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) and nitrous oxide.It would be launched atop a Saturn V rocket or other capable launch platform, and is equipped with a launch escape system that would disconnect the spacecraft from the booster and propel it away to a safe distance for an alternate landing.The Sierra Nevada design is capable of autonomous flight, and would return to Earth in a more gentle landing approach that would generally result in less than 1.5 Gs.

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NASA’s shuttles were the first vehicles to resemble the popular idea of what a spacecraft might look like.

These vehicles were designed with the cockpit and windscreens in the front, wings that provided lift while re-entering the atmosphere, and landing gear that allowed them to return to the ground like a conventional aircraft.

They operated through their life spans and were retired by NASA in 2011.

Since that time, NASA has relied on Russia to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS). Anticipating the need for replacements for the shuttle fleet that would soon go out of service in 2011, five American companies were given $50 million in 2010 by NASA to evaluate manned spaceflight technology options in the private sector.

However, the need for NASA to obtain a shuttle replacement remained and became even more pressing as tensions between the U. After multiple phases of development, NASA accepted proposals for shuttle replacements.

When the process was complete and contracts were awarded in September, the Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser was left out in the cold.

Dream Chaser is designed as a reusable lifting-body space plane unlike the bullet-like capsule designs of the Boeing and Space X vehicles.

Crew size for the vehicle is from two to seven people and is capable of flight in low Earth orbit to and from the ISS.

There was great excitement on September 16 when NASA announced that it selected Boeing and Space X to construct new spacecraft as replacements for the space shuttle fleet that was retired in 2011.


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