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Love makes the world go round – and box-office tills ring, so here are our top 30 romantic films. Parting has never been such sweet sorrow as in David Lean's adaptation of a Noël Coward play. " 1962Three's not a crowd in François Truffaut's wonderful adaptation of Henri-Pierre Roché's novel. At least it's something to argue about on Valentine's Day… Dustin Hoffman's screams to bride Katharine Ross are racked with a desperation that borders on mania. The lost dream of the late 1960s, the battle of cynical middle-age against youthful idealism, the timeless appeal of a bright red Alfa Spider - all are bound up in this peerless finale to a lyrical and life-affirming film. Simon and Garfunkel singing "Are you going to Scarborough Fair?Celia Johnson is Laura Jesson, the suburban housewife married to a crossword-fixated man; she falls in love with a dashing medic called Alec (Trevor Howard), and the rest is – repression. Henri Serre and Oskar Werner are the two friends who are equally smitten by Jeanne Moreau, an exuberant free spirit whose vagrant character they find encapsulated by a phrase in a novel: "On a ship, a woman made love to a stranger in her mind." The camerawork on this New Wave classic is as ecstatic and giddying as falling in love itself.

" It's the interrupted wedding scene to end them all. Exit the lovers on an unforgettable bus-ride to ambiguity.

Moreau, baggy-jumpered and sporting a moustache, races across a bridge with Jules and Jim.

1942 "You must remember this…" could stand as a motto for this golden-age Hollywood triumph, an endlessly immersive tale of wartime intrigue and thwarted amour.

Bogart and Bergman are beyond incomparable, and the happy-accident screenplay collaboration is the stuff of legend.

Its great heart springs from that fact she learns to love the right man (ex-husband Cary Grant) by kissing the wrong one, James Stewart's love-struck journalist.

"Put me in your pocket, Mike," Hepburn's husky just-kissed request to Stewart as he sweeps her into the darkness.

2002 Steven Soderbergh's sombre meditation on love and loss has an almost unbearable intensity: although set largely in the vastness of space, it is one of the most emotionally claustrophobic films ever.

George Clooney plays Kelvin, a shrink sent to a distant space station after the planet it orbits starts to play terrifying games with the minds of the crew.

Simply the most memorable farewell in the history of farewells.


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