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And then, the not-quite-so-bright Ji-hyun puts the puzzle pieces together this way: that Kang was that worried about , and that noticing her similarities to Ji-hyun made him angry…because he dislikes Ji-hyun. Not that the very simple and direct Ji-hyun would know that Kang’s shouting is just masking his feelings. But Seo-woo keeps turning the conversation to In-jung and the thermos, asking about her mystery boyfriend.

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Watch one piece episode 50 english subbed online dating

You are watching One Piece Episode 756 in High Quality English subbed and is part of the One Piece anime series.

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I didn’t think this episode would top yesterday’s surprise, but we’re totally letting all sorts of cats out of bags, with confrontations, doppelgänger theories, jealousy between ghost and host, and of course, our first glimpse into the Scheduler’s past.

Ji-hyun faces harsh truths about love and human beings, and learns that choosing to live is a lot harder than choosing to die. Her hesitation makes him even more sure of his instinct, though she begins to protest that he’s nuts. Except…”You feel like Ji-hyun.” He starts shouting all the ways they’re the same, and Ji-hyun starts to panic.

EPISODE 10 RECAP Kang follows the sound of Ji-hyun’s song, and it’s the last straw that puts him over the edge. She grabs her tear necklace (which will break if anyone catches wind of her true identity) and insists she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

He walks up to her at the piano and asks, “Who are you? Manager Oh walks in to see Kang shouting at her, and interrupts them before things get out of hand.

He tells Ji-hyun that this piano is the only thing Kang has left of his mother’s, and to just consider him being sensitive and acting out because of that.

As they stand side by side with a wall between them, they each think to themselves: Ji-hyun: “Han Kang, how did you know?

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