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Now you can own photos taken during the 1949 filming of the original Batman and Robin movie, autographed by the original Robin himself!John Duncan will also personalize an autograph for you at no additional charge. Pick out which ones you would like, then you can use Pay Pal to securely place your order online.

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Or if you prefer, Professor Hamill is developing a machine that can control and direct vehicles. Batman and Robin soon learn that the machine runs on diamonds.

They stake out a diamond store, their instincts were right, as the criminals arrive they are surprised when Batman and Robin burst on the scene.

One of the criminals gets away while Batman and Robin are fighting the rest of the hoodlums.

The escapee brings the diamonds to The Wizard (the villain).

To that end, Alfred introduced himself to Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson at Wayne Manor and insisted on becoming their butler.

Although the pair did not want one, especially since they did not want to jeopardize their secret identities with a servant in the house, they did not have the heart to reject Alfred.

That night, Alfred awoke to moaning and followed the sound to the secret door to the staircase to the Batcave and met his would-be employers in their superhero identities (Wayne had been injured while out in the field).

As it turned out, the wounds were actually insignificant, but Alfred's care convinced the residents that their butler could be trusted.

The Wizard uses the machine to take over a train shipment of an explosive called X-90 and has his thugs take the explosives to the hideout.

As Batman and Robin discover the hideout, actually under the professor's house, they learn that The Wizard is the twin brother of the professor's servant.

Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne's valet at Wayne Manor.


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