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But she treated everyone around her in a degrading, bullying manner.

Her behavior was intolerable.” We don’t even know where to begin. We’ll be relying on you, dear readers, because we’re sitting in a hotel room in Perth, waiting to head for the airport and our long journey home from Australia. ——————– Brussels update: Accusations fly Our man in Paris, Jonny Jacobsen, has a brief update for us on the criminal trial of Scientology happening in Belgium…

At the Brussels trial of Scientology Friday, one of the senior lawyers on the defense team reported having received a letter containing death threats against him and his colleagues.

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It attacked him and his colleagues as “greedy vultures” and “scum” for defending the church, adding: “The next time around it might be with severed heads, that seems to be the language they understand.

Warn all those Scientology bastards, we are on the move and too bad for the blood that will be shed.” “That goes beyond simple anti-Scientology prose,” remarked Judge Vérimont.

Me Vanderveeren asked that a copy of the letter be entered into the record — which Judge Régimont readily agreed to — and added that he and his colleagues had not ruled out filing a complaint with the police and registering as plaintiffs.

His colleague, Maître Christelle Van Dorpe, described how she and some colleagues had been accosted by a group of anti-Scientology protesters outside the courthouse some time after an earlier hearing had finished.

What a day it’s already been as the community at the Underground Bunker prepares for tonight’s big event.

As we wait for Leah Remini’s interview with ABC’s Dan Harris, bits and pieces have leaked out, only whetting our appetite.

Apparently, during the interview Leah shows the “Knowledge Report” that Katie Holmes wrote about her after the problems at Katie’s 2006 wedding with Tom Cruise.

ABC apparently blocked out the information on that KR, but earlier this week we gave you detailed information from other Knowledge Reports that were written about that wedding and then later, about Leah’s disaffection with Scientology.

On Good Morning America today, Dan Harris got everyone worked up by saying that we would hear from Katie Holmes for the first time — but it turned out to be only a brief statement put out by Katie’s press people, not an actual interview, and simply an apology to Leah, not anything about Scientology.

(But that didn’t keep some news organizations from biting hard on the notion that Katie was coming forward.

Oops.) And maybe the best part so far, Scientology put out one of its hilarious public statements today, and tried to slam Leah ahead of the interview.


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