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The characters are really sweet and simple, which is good for someone slow like me. It's fun and easy to relate to (I'm assuming a lot of users on MAL have gotten drunk, ne? It's a must read for all the supporters of Mei Sakuraga.

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) [1.4] V.06 - Mujihi na Otoko (Merciless Man) [3.1] V.07 - Warui Koibito ja Dame? ) [1.5] V.08 - Kare ja Nai Kedo (I'm Not Your Boyfriend) [2.4] ---- Warui ko Tachi no Bansan [1.6 & 2.5] V.09 - Mujihi na Anata (Merciless Lover) [3.2] V.10 - Sunao ja Nai Kedo (I'm Not Honest) [2.6] V.11 - Mujihi na Karada (Ruthless Body) [3.3] V.12 - Warui Ouji Demo Suki (I Love a Prince Even If He Is Naughty) [1.7]---- Kira-senpai to Kokonoe-kun ~Gekokujou~ [4.0]V.13 - Shouwaru Ookami ga Koi o Shita Rashii (Wicked Wolf Seems to Be in Love) [4.1] For someone who has been following and enjoying the whole infamous series for a while now there's no other way I could describe this small little treat from Sakuraga Mei-sensei rather than utmost cuteness. These were two super-cute stories about the two younger couples in the series. It's less than 20 pages, but it's fine for what it is.

Like it shows on the image above, it's the uke who are the ones to get drunk, leading to sweet/sexy antics.

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What on Earth will happen when a few teen's enter into an unexpected drunken state?

I have to say, Warui Koto Bakkashite Gomennasi (WKBG for short) is one of the highest rated mangas for me. Story: It's another arc of the I Want to be Naughty series, but this time it has a more playful aura - rather than a serious and sad one (for me, at least).

The characters get drunk this time, and all sorts of things happen.

Perfect timing, since all these misunderstandings and tears were starting to really get to me.

It's fun, simple and hot - I rate the story a seven.

Art: Mei Sakuraga really does know how to draw her semes and ukes.

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