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We understand dating is about more than just attraction and there are things that are important to our members beyond shared interests and hobbies.Whether it's a shared religion, family background or cultural heritage, our search function allows you to define what it is you're looking for in a partner.When you join e Harmony, you're not just getting access to thousands of great Canadian singes - you'll also receive dating and relationship advice from our team of experts.

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You know that feeling you get after a great first date with someone new?

You've chatted for ages, maybe had a round or two of drinks, and eased into the part of the evening where the conversation flows freely.

You leave feeling happy and alive, excited at the prospect of starting something new with someone who truly clicks.

That's exactly how we want our members to feel after each date.

It doesn't mean going on lots and lots of dates in the hope that you may luck out.

It means going on fewer quality dates with people who you know are going to be a great fit.

It takes a lot of energy to try to meet Mr or Mrs Right at a bar, or to sit through blind dates making small talk with friends of friends.

When it comes to online dating, many other sites make you spend hours searching through pages of random profiles, hoping in vain that something catches your eye. No more awkward dates, no more late nights at the bar, and no more searching endlessly through thousands of dating profiles.

A new dating experience, but for something bigger and more meaningful: Welcome to e Harmony.

Whether this is your first time trying online dating or you've already tried other dating services, chances are you're looking not just for true love.

It takes courage to admit you're ready to meet "the one", to take a break from awkward blind dates and meeting strangers you have nothing in common with, and to commit with passion to finding someone you want to be with forever At e Harmony we admire that courage and strive to find you compatible matches with whom you'll connect at a deep level, leading to meaningful, long-lasting relationships.


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  2. In a time when there's a specific dating site for almost every micro-demographic (Farmers! ), I interviewed Yagan about what it’s like to manage so many distinct dating portals at once—and why he thinks everyone should be dating online. Sam Yagan: We sold Ok Cupid to Match in January of 2011.

  3. If you are a Canadian who is currently searching for a perfect date, then you have several options to choose from.

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