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However, Disney's Zazzle store also has hundreds of cute binders that can even be personalized (and they cost about 1/4 of what mine cost).To get a Zazzle Disney World binder that feels a lot like mine does, I'd recommend doing these things: Here are some examples that I created when playing around with their options.

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Disney Gif can only track what GIFs are being used at an anonymous and aggregated level.

This anonymous data helps us to improve the quality of the gifs we make available and overall happiness with the app.

This app is great for adding silly pictures to conversations.

There is only one problem I see, there is no way to turn off some of the categories.

I would not use nearly and of the live action GIFs, and mostly use the Gravity Falls and other cartoon ones. I've used this app for a long time and I love it in every way. I have one and only one request; more Gravity Falls GIFs please!

No destination is quite as difficult or fun to plan as Disney World.

That's why I've always had a planning binder full of info and printables to keep me organized.

Below, I have shown the sections I use for my Disney World binder and links to downloads that you can use to create your own. The company that I used to order my binder and tabs is no longer available.

Express yourself in a whole new way with Disney Gif!

Whether you're feeling happy, sassy, villainous or magical, there's no better way to show how you feel than with your favorite characters and moments.

Whatever your emotion or reaction, we have a Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, or Marvel gif for that. NOTE: Allowing "FULL ACCESS" enables us to access the internet so you can send cool gifs with your keyboard.

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