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They received a postpone in October in order to investigate ways to heal it, but the city of Amsterdam can no longer wait because only 28 percent of the root is healthy and they cannot risk the 27-ton tree to fall over.

Cantell TV is the fastest growing provider of digital broadcasting coupled with enhanced communications, allowing people to easily control, view, upload and share digital content through proprietary interface.

Cantell TV has relationships with a growing network of international clients delivering millions of videos per day with more than 50,000 new videos uploaded and 200 hours of new TV shows broadcasted daily to a wide range of viewers, from 5 to 7 year olds of Live Cartoons; to 16 to 24 year old active social users of My Jumps; to fortune 50 corporate clients utilizing enhanced broadcasting services.

Cantell TV is committed to delivering infinite choices to your world of entertainment at the tip of your fingers.

Chris Cantell retains consulting arrangements with several pre-IPO companies.

Everyone read or at least heard about the Diary of Anne Frank, a book that holds the memory of a Jewish teenager from the World War II.

In the book it is often mentioned a chestnut tree that used to comfort her while she was hiding from the Nazis.

The 150-year-old chestnut is due to be cut down on November 21, because it is too diseased to be saved, according to the statement of the city officials on Tuesday.

During the 25 months Anne was forced to stay indoors, in a canal-side warehouse, and the only things she could see and make her happy were the chestnut tree, the blue sky, the seagulls and other birds that glided on the wind.

She stayed in obscurity for 25 months before the Nazis eventually caught her in August 1944.


  1. Basildon Council is committed to a policy of "opportunities for all" and offers a range of unpaid work experience programmes to help people without previous employment experience gain an insight into the world of work and the services provided by Basildon Council.

  2. Most landings are reported to take place after 6pm. That the activity of the objects is nocturnal by nature and by choice.

  3. Ten, rozwścieczony po części zlekceważeniem, po części utratą "dziadusiowego" miecza chwyta za złoty świecznik i z furią wali orka w łeb z takim impetem, że temu lampki zgasły... Dlaczego nie pozwolić zatem graczowi prowadzącemu Troka, by swój złamany miecz przekuł na nowo wkomponowując elementy pamiętnego świecznika?

  4. A KRISTÁLY IMPERIAL HOTEL **** AZ “ORSZÁG LEGRÉGEBBEN MŰKÖDŐ SZÁLLODÁJA” A Tata központjában álló, megújult műemlék épület Magyarország legrégebben működő szállodájaként fogadja a hazai és külföldi Vendégeket, ma is ugyanazzal az eleganciával és nyugalommal, amivel az Esterházyak idején.

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