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If you're between the ages of 25 and 40, and were active on the Internet before Facebook canonballed onto the social media scene, odds are you had a Myspace account. If you're like me, you meticulously managed your top-eight friends, decked out your profile page in some crude mishmash of background wallpapers and HTML layouts, and set things up so that Radiohead's "Climbing Up the Walls" would auto-play when someone clicked on your page, because it was important everyone knew you were an exceptionally obnoxious combination of angsty sophisticated. Mercifully, the Myspace of our misspent youth is long gone.

If you'd rather they disappear forever, click on your name in the bottom left-hand corner to get to your main profile page, then click "Photos" and purge as you see fit.

Click "Sign in." Dig deep into the recesses of your memory and try to remember your old email and password. -- Myspace accounts, which you're free to wistfully browse/cringe at and mine for #tbt fodder.

The new interface, while different from the old one, feels familiar in that it seems pretty half-baked and looks like shit. If you can't remember the password to that Hotmail account you created in sixth grade, click "Forgot password." But if you can't even remember the email address you used, or no longer have access to it (what? ), the good folks at Myspace have built an entire help section for how to troubleshoot your way in.

This is a compilation of bands from the Shimmy Disc label which released the band's first record Hell-O.

Those too timid to attend a live Gwar show will appreciate that even though most viewers will suffer permanent brain damage at least they won't get blood all over their latest trendy outfit.

Laugh in abject horror as Oderous Urungus, The Sexicutioner, Slymenstra Hymen, and company Rape, Burn, and Pillage their way into your heart.

Join them in their never ending quest for exploitational sex and gratuitous violence." First release was on VHS, and the DVD is still available.

Running Time: This was Gwar's first attempt at a commercially released, long-form movie.

Two Gwar videos are featured - Gwar Theme and Time For Death - as well as footage of the band running loose on the frozen streets of Richmond and destroying a news studio.


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