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The inspection will include cctv, UT readings and ndt.This RIB has awesome sea keeping capabilities along with a substantial power delivery from its DF200HP Suzuki engine.This is a go anywhere RIB thats now available for RIB charter and hire in the UK.

Click here to see the XS RIB in action as used by the police.

UK Diving Services Ltd have taken delivery of a new aluminium lifting barge to assist with our day to day diving and marine operations.

The vessel comes complete with spud legs for extra stability for lifting heavier loads onto the large storage deck.

The vessel is road transportable so can mobilise to any UK location at short notice. Call our team for further information if you wish to hire or charter this pontoon lifting barge.

Images diplayed in the portfolio section are available for licensing. If you're looking for a specific image not available on the site, do get in touch using the contact form.

If you're looking to improve your photography skills, consider joining one of the available 1-day weekend group landscape photography workshops in Sussex or booking a one-to-one session at a location of your choice.And if you'd like to learn more about developing and editing your digital images, you might be interested in individual tuition available in Brighton. As an add-on to our conventional underwater diving inspections UK Diving Services Ltd now provide Hi-resolution 2D & 3D multi-beam sonar surveys to survey river beds, stone piers, concrete bag work, sheet pile walls, docks, moorings, scour holes and abutments etc. UK Diving Services Ltd recently provided bridge inspection services to Angus Council.Twelve bridges were surveyed to assess the extent of any scour/undercut to the structures and determine the bridges structural integrity After severe flooding earlier this year UK Diving Services assisted with an urgent requirement to provide underwater surveys to several bridges on the river Dee and Don to assess their structural integrity.The surveys were completed on time successfully and written reports and video footage submitted.Other bridge inspections were also undertaken on smaller waterways including some confined space access UK Diving Services win a confined space access contract with AECOM.


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