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Gordo said my piece was just hangin’ out while I was talking to the guy. RG: I mean, my screen name in fourth grade on AIM was “chickmagnet4life,” so it started in fourth grade…and that’s “4 life.” LS: Do you still use the screen name? LS: OK, can you tell me what your dating life is like? I just kept swiping right and sending messages to people, and not one person believed it was me!

Now there are fake accounts and everyone tweets at me, “I just got Tinder matched with @Rob Gronkowski,” and I’m like…no one believed it when it was really me!

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When New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski goes out and parties, he always has a good time.

And with the technology this generation has, Gronk's wild nights are typically well-documented.

Gronkowski has been a partying machine since helping the Patriots win the Super Bowl back in February.


  1. Mollie Halpern: They profess their love to you, but in reality, they’re preying on your pocketbook.

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