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The quid pro quo is that Abe will kill only those vampires that Henry directs him to.

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As a result he mounts his own campaign to defeat them.

Trent Reznor was approached about scoring and playing a minor part in the film, but the news leaked before the final decision and Reznor voted to pass on the project as the surprise element of his participation had already been lost. It prefers nobility to brutality, soaring speeches to quiet deeds.

History remembers the battle and forgets the blood.

Whatever history remembers of me, if it remembers anything at all, it shall only be a fraction of the truth.

For whatever else I am - a husband, a lawyer, a President - I shall always think of myself as a man who struggled against darkness.

See more » During the closing credits there are drops of blood seen racing and zigzagging across white fabric, until the camera zooms out and the trails of blood are seen to have formed a map of America divided into states. Yes, I suspected, but had never heard the truth that Abraham Lincoln was a Vampire Hunter…..until now. I can hear you asking, "is it all true" Well, of course, it is.See more » Supposedly, the beginnings of Vampires in America and a story about Honest Abe (Benjamin Walker) as he hunts them down before becoming our 16th president. Hollywood wouldn't make up something if it weren't true now, would they?And, yes, they are finally admitting the truth about Edgar Allen Poe being a detective who wrote poems on his stake-outs.Hansel & Gretel are bounty hunters who track and kill witches all over the world.As the fabled Blood Moon approaches, the siblings encounter a new form of evil that might hold a secret to their past.When a group of strangers at a dusty roadside diner come under attack by demonic forces, their only chance for survival lies with an archangel named Michael, who informs a pregnant waitress that her unborn child is humanity's last hope.

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