University campus sex game

When she struggled to free her arms, Hossain held her arms behind her back even as she pleaded for him to stop, and he held the door shut when his roommate interrupted their encounter, Karr said.

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For example, the school hosted a 1998 “lesbian health conference” that included a presentation on “Leather/BDSM in the Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Women’s Community.” A sociology Ph. student at the university gave a 2012 presentation in her department entitled “Beyond Whips and Chains” about BDSM.

And every year, the university’s Wellness Center and Center for Research on Women and Gender host a “Safer Sex Fest.” The first festival in 2010 included some bizarre games, according to , an independent campus newspaper.

One game included a female trying to pop a balloon on a male student’s lap “using different sexual positions” in order to “condition participants to use a condom,” which one observer said didn’t make sense, said.

Another game, a “condom relay race” intended to teach students how to properly put on and remove condoms, featured some students ripping open the condom packages with their teeth or ignoring their expiration dates in their haste to win the race, students told Hossain is a graduate of Amundsen High School, a local public school in Chicago.

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