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How should the media respond when a presidential candidate is caught lying?

I don’t mean the small political prevarications that all politicians engage in — I refer to the uniquely outsized BS that has been dominating this election cycle.

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Michael Barbaro’s blistering analysis of the Trump birther issue was one of the first to not dance around the truth.

Rather than engage in the usual genteel contortions to not challenge the falsehoods of a major candidate when responding to an outright lie, the writer placed Trump’s words into proper context.

The result was a spectacularly accurate assessment of an historically important lie.

Perhaps even more important, the “paper of record” unwittingly created a template for other journalists wrestling with the unique challenges of covering Trump’s many fabrications.

Explain how the lie was repeated on live television, unchallenged by fact-checking. Rhetorical questions about motivations: Media attention? Each and every bizarre falsehood that challenges the fabric of our democracy – be it about his income or his taxes, or about the charitable gifts he never was party to or the litigation he was, about how if he loses, the election must be rigged, this is how the reporters covering the campaign should respond.

Modern Cuba was ’discovered’ by legendary Genovese explorer, Christopher Columbus, in the first of his four voyages to the New World, or as he stubbornly called it, the East Indies.

Captaining the voyage onboard of his flagship, La Santa Maria de la Inmaculada Concepcion (The Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception), the Genovese and his 90 men landed somewhere near Baracoa in the eastern tip of Cuba on October 27, 1492, and claimed the island in the name of the king and queen of Spain, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

A tumultuous 400 years of Spanish reign followed, but their sovereignty of Cuba and other territories in the region came to a crashing end by the close of the 19th century.

(I have found such templates to be helpful in the past).

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