Two men became interested in the male sexual enhancement

"And, anyway, whilst women may prefer a longer penis, most seem much less obsessed about penis size than the average bloke (2). It takes two to tango and (traditionally) two to make love.

George made sex sound like a mid-term school test; something to be judged for signs of improvement or lack of focus.

Needless to say (else I wouldn't be writing this), he started to enjoy sex with his wife when he got better at it, as we all tend to enjoy stuff we're good at.

It doesn't matter how sexually experienced you are; every male in the world can learn and apply these techniques.

Whilst it's true to say that men's sexual interest within a relationship is (contrary to popular belief) determined partly by the state of the relationship itself, here I want to focus on ways men can improve their own and their partner's sexual enjoyment.

So, here for your use are some of the approaches we applied to greatly improve George and his wife's sexual relationship.

George worried that his manhood was "below par" in size.

Actually, it's well known that most 'average men' feel they are below average, as do many above average men (1).

His wife hadn't mentioned the size of her husband's appendage and, being as vociferous as she was, I don't really think she would have neglected to mention it to me, had it been an issue."The average length of an erect penis..." I told George stiffly, "is between around 5 to 6 inches! "I thought it was around 8 inches.""Well, it's not!

I couldn't believe what I was hearing: "I'm seriously considering hiring a call girl for my husband just to get him better at sex!

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