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Facebook Twitter Google Plus TV TV Trending What's Up? The flick has finally reunited avid fans with Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, played by Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, respectively, as the steamy trailer hit the internet earlier today.

Troop was EV-ER-Y-THANG and so was their choreography.

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"For him to do what he was doing, was unacceptable," Toya told CBS.

The mother revealed that she was so upset because Michael is her only son, and she didn't want to loose him to the streets.

"A lot of his friends have been killed, so my thing is I want to keep him in the house, and I know he's going to get out," she said.

Toya admitted that her son is not angel, "He has been in trouble before, and he knows right from wrong.

He's like the other teenagers that doesn't have a good relationship with the police officers." The mother added an important message and said: "Two wrongs don't make a right." daughters is inspiring to become a police officer.

The single mother also spoke to CNN along with her son and told Cooper that Michael "wasn't brought up like this." Toya claims that she wasn't embarrassed about hitting her son in front of everyone.

"He was actually embarring his self by wearing that mask and doing what he was doing.

At one point I told him to take the mask off, "Why are you hiding behind the mask?

If you want to be bold enough to do this, then show your face.'" Toya wanted everyone to know, "At no time is my son a thug." Toya isn't working at the moment and is seeking employment, hopefully a good company will see the caring mother for who she is and hire her!

Cooper also had some time with Toya's son, Michael as he told the reporter that his mother was worried about him, and "didn't want him to be another Freddie Gray." Michael claims that he went down to the mall because "a couple of my friends have been beaten by the police and killed by the police so I felt I needed to go down there and show my respect." He claims that he was shocked when his mother arrived and spotted him, making eye contact.

"I was like 'Oh yeah, I know that's my mother."' The 16-year-old claims "It was World War III," and that he "was embarrassed a little." Hopefully he learned his lesson!

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