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The top socialize intents are: Mobile phones are a personal finance tool.

"Our survey data shows that people use their mobile phones out of necessity for instant access to the Web whether it's to conduct business with the most recent information or advocate on the spot on issues of pressing concern and breaking news." Additionally, the data underscores the rise of phone applications.

Three in five (61%) respondents download applications at least once per month while 36 percent of users download applications from social networking sites at least once per month.

Michael Schubert, Chief Innovation Officer overseeing digital strategy at Ruder Finn added, "Mobile technology means that people no longer have to wait until they're in front of their computers to do their work.

And people are taking advantage of that; using mobile devices to do their core work while using desktops to navigate longer format and higher bandwidth content and tools.

This is resulting in huge changes - and opportunities - across industries, making mobile an essential channel in keeping businesses competitive." The Mobile Intent Index follows Ruder Finn's earlier launch of its Intent Index, which provides a new view on why people go online and redefines how we look at demographics.

Mobile Intent Index Survey Results Mobile phones are a social connector.

91% of mobile users go online to socialize, compared to only 79% of traditional users.

They are using their mobile phones "at the moment" to connect with others.

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Ruder Finn's first-ever Mobile Intent Index studies mobile phone user habits and explores the underlying reasons - or intent - people have for accessing the mobile Internet.

According to the Mobile Intent Index, mobile phone users do not access the mobile Internet for educational purposes or for creative expression, as the transitory nature of mobile intent goes against spending time to engage in discussions about personal issues.


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