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#5 Financial Stability: When it comes to swooping Latinas theres one last thing Id list in the top five factors and that would be your financial stability.

If youre white, Latinas will generally be more attracted to you because of this.

You have newly arrived Latinas who grew up in Latin America and are in your back yard to visit.

And even within Latin America, you have for example the white Argentine women of Buenos Aires who are notoriously tough to seduce, the more easy going Caribbean women who know how, and love to dance to just about anything, and you.

Although white guys have the upper hand with many Latinas there are certain regions, cities, and places in Latin America where this isnt as much of an issue.

If youre white you can go to pretty much anywhere but if youre black Id suggest going to coastal cities which usually have a much more diverse population.

In general, Latin men are expected to be the bread winners.

Men are expected to take charge and lead the interactions.This applies to mixed groups but also to one on one interaction.In fact, this is so much ingrained in the culture that if you dont do this, the women will think youre weak.When I first started traveling and dating women raised in Latin America I actually had women tell me Youre the man, youre supposed to decide what were going to do and where to go.The truth is that decent looking Caucasian men have an advantage over all other races in Latin America.The reason for this is that ever since the colonization of Latin America, the ruling class, wealthy and elite in Latin America have been of white European decent.


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