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Wise Search claims to be the largest Chinese database of published information from Greater China. Its full-text, full-image newspaper database covers more than 300 current newspapers on a cross-searchable platform.The majority of news content covers August 2007 forward, though some content reaches back further (e.g., Zhejiang Daily, Hangzhou Daily). Digitization of newspapers is growing in Taiwan as well.The database includes a wide variety of regional and provincial titles, including special interest titles on business and finance, agriculture, sport and leisure, trade, and others. Major newspapers have been focusing on digitizing their content, particularly the United Daily News and China Times groups.

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Amidst the burgeoning collections of online news resources are recently available full-text archives of newspapers from China.

The International Coalition on Newspapers (ICON) of the Center for Research Libraries routinely tracks new digitized newspaper archives, providing a portal to open access and commercial products at

The following resources represent a sampling of currently available databases for scholars.

Note: commercial resources represented herein are not currently accessible via CRL or ICON.

Database (Renmin Ribao, 人民日報)This flagship newspaper is the voice of the central government of the People’s Republic of China.

It was established in 1946 and claims a current circulation of nearly three million.

The produced an electronic edition based on the original paper edition.


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