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However, what sets him apart from other icons like Pedro Infante or Mario Moreno "Cantinflas", is that his whole persona has transcended time and his presence can still be felt in Mexican culture as strong (or even stronger) as when he was alive. Ni Tan, Tan..." presents a detailed biography of Germán Valdés "Tin Tán", detailing the most important events in his life and the defining moments in his career.With an extensive collection of clips from his movies, as well as interviews with fellow artists and film historians, the documentary gives great insight about the life and career of Tin Tán, and the enormous legacy he left.A legacy that keeps being an influence in today's Mexican films and arts.

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Famously know as Tin Tan, the comedian’s rise and fall precisely track the country’s film industry’s.

In a planned 35mm blow-up version, helmer Manuel Marquez’ well-researched docu should be a hit with cinephilic fests and a vid library keeper.

Mexico City-born Valdes’ upbringing in Juarez provided him with insight into the border culture that proved a key part of his Tin Tan personality, which burst onto the scene during the mid-1940s with the “pachuco” craze.

Pic methodically examines how Tin Tan, whose wild comic style is comparable to but precedes Jerry Lewis, was developed and refined with directors Humberto Gomez Landero and Gilberto Martinez Solares, and arguably perfected in “El rey de barrio” in 1949.

Tin Tan’s physical and verbal elasticity is plentifully on display in clips, though the pic’s Los Angeles Latino fest screening was marred by projection of a second-rate vid output copy.

An Alfhaville Cinema release (in Mexico) of a Technikos Post/Tin Tan y sus Pachecos production.

Produced by Carlos Valdes, Angel Marquez, Manuel Marquez, Arturo Ramirez, Roberto Lira, Alberto Castro.

Germán Valdés, better known as "Tin Tán", is one of the most influential comedians in the history of Mexican cinema and without a doubt one of the most important actors of Mexico's "Golden Age". Simplemente Tin Tán" is the first documentary dedicated entirely to the figure of Tin Tán and explores the life of this remarkably versatile artist that has influenced not only actors and comedians, but a wide range of artists ranging from writers to rock musicians."Ni Muy, Muy...

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