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Abner has a completely different explanation in Psychological Warfare during the Korean War, Burd Street Press, Shippensburg, PA, 2001.

Then Captain Abner was the Chief of the Psychological Warfare Branch of the United States Air Force Air Resupply Communications Service stationed at 2400 Newark Street, Washington DC during the Korean War.

He says that intelligence reports indicated a degree of dissatisfaction in the Soviet Air Force.

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During the Vietnam War, many Americans were surprised to read of gold offered to North Vietnamese soldiers and Viet Cong Guerillas.

This offer was an attempt to persuade the enemy to aid American pilots forced down over Communist held territory.

For example, early in the war the enemy shot down Lieutenant George E.

Flynn's A-1 Skyraider while flying somewhere over Dong There are virtually hundreds of cases where warring nations have made cash offers to the enemy. Other times it is for aid to friendly personnel or to purchase loyalty to a friendly government.

We are going to discuss one of the most amazing of the reward campaigns, the attempt to steal a combat-ready Soviet Mi G-15 Fighter for one hundred thousand dollars. There is still a great deal of doubt about who first conceived the idea of stealing a Soviet Fighter plane.

To make it even more interesting, there is some doubt as to whether anyone ever really expected to get an aircraft. The Soviets designed the new fighter just after WWII.

The previously classified report Guerrilla Operations 1952, published by the Headquarters, Guerrilla Division, Far East Command, Liaison Detachment, 8240th Army Unit, mentions the American desire for a Mi G-15: A complete Mi G-15 is one of the highest priorities establish by the Air Force. It was a high-altitude interceptor able to reach almost Mach 1, maneuverable at high altitude, armed with cannons, and had the ability to stay in the air for over 1 hour.

The Air Force and Navy will offer support for any feasible project that will acquire a Mi G-15. The Soviets powered it with their copy of the British Rolls-Royce jet engine that had a higher thrust than the original.

Its performance was superior to that of any Western fighter.

The Mi G-15 totally outclassed the American P-51 Mustangs, F-80 Shooting Stars, and the F-84 Thunder jets.

The Americans had to wait until December 1950 for the arrival of the swept-wing F-86 Sabre-jet.

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