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Someone who could put a young, fresh face on the Gray Lady’s old-fashioned views. Katie Roiphe, 25, could not have asked for a better public relations agent.

When her first book, offers a scathing critique of current sexual politics.

Roiphe’s provocative conclusion: the “rape crisis movement” sweeping college campuses is a fraud.

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Roiphe recalls feeling “perplexed” and “annoyed” watching her peers share the painful, intimate details of their lives.

Throughout , Roiphe paints herself as a campus outsider, a dissenting voice among the “politically correct” masses.

She even closes her book with the comment that “sometimes it is even your friends you have to fight.” But as the promoted Roiphe’s book and controversy ensued, any distinction between commentator and spokesperson collapsed. As the only young woman permitted in the date rape debate, Roiphe became the leading “authority” on this “rape crisis movement”—as well as its loudest critic. “Date Rape’s Other Victim,” the magazine’s 4,700-word excerpt of her book, was an author’s dream come true.

Suddenly, Roiphe’s ideas were on more than 1.5 million coffee tables across the country, and reviews of her book were appearing everywhere.

In September 1993, the , it means that hundreds of bookstores across the country automatically order it.

If it is well-received on page one, bookstores will not only rush to get copies of it, but they will display it prominently.

This is what happened with continued its Roiphe promotional campaign when it ran a cozy mother-daughter interview on the first page of its “Living” section.

The shameless gushing of “At Lunch with Anne and Katie Roiphe” officially crowned Katie with celebrity status.

In her opening paragraph, the values, Roiphe came with all the proper credentials: an upbringing in a liberal-intellectual Manhattan family plus diplomas from Brearley (an exclusive East Side girls school) and Harvard.

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