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BUCHEON, South Koreea -- Brontis Jodorowsky’s first screen role involved shooting someone from point-blank range, walking past bloodied villagers falling foul of a massacre, being asked to bury a picture of his mother to mark becoming a man and then finally seeing himself abandoned by his father – a lot to take in, perhaps, for a 6-year-old.

Adding to the complications is that was directed by his father, Alejandro Jodorowsky – who also plays his papa in the film, an acid western that revolves around a brutal gunslinger’s quest in killing his rivals, his rebirth as a saintly man and finally the confrontation and reconciliation with his long-estranged grown-up son.

It’s the seventh collaboration for this father-and-son duo; they have been touring earlier this week at Pi Fan, where the Paris-based actor serves as a jury member and also a speaker at a retrospective of his father’s films.

The Hollywood Reporter: How has working with your father changed during the past 40 years?

Brontis Jodorowsky: In the beginnin,g I was a child.

I have an innocence but I’m still this little, serious actor.

THR: But it must be very difficult to separate the fictional and the real.

Jodorowsky: Doing has two levels – in one, it affects our memories, a transformation of a very important character in our family’s memory. I believe in a work of art, you have to put your pound of flesh there.

Some movies, when you go and watch them, it might be fun or interesting if you’re lucky, but leaving the cinema and two hours later you would have forgotten the movie.

But a work of art gives you something an audience will continue to work on, interrogate yourself and angry or sad about this movie, that it stays with you.

We’ve always worked well together because we share the same vision, so it has always been easy, in fact. Jodorowsky: We’ve been preparing for this film for 40 years – with the films that he’s done, which is about the research of the human mind that we call the finding of one’s soul, and also for me my development as an actor. At the moment when we were to shoot the movie, he’s the director and I’m an actor; we discussed a little bit and analyzed something, but then I’m just the actor.


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