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And in motion pictures industry it appeared after the nationwide release of “Jaws” in the United States of America in 1975.

Since the blockbuster means “a motion picture which managed to accumulate high revenues”.

For the US this means more than 0 million cumulatively in movie-theaters (Eliashberg, Elberse, Leenders 2005).

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For example, the historical maximum is of about $8 million by “Avatar” in 2009.

At the same time in Poland, which has 10 million people less than in Ukraine, “Avatar” has grossed about $26 million over the same period (

The motion picture industry plays a significant role not only in the cultural sphere but also in the economics.

In the USA it is a major private-sector employer that supported 2.4 million high quality and high paying jobs, and over $140 billion in total wages in 2008 (Supplementary Report of MPAA April 2010).

There are also positive externalities such as tourism, real estate and community development associated with it.

Despite the fact that Ukrainian film-makers were playing an important role in former Soviet Union, nowadays national movie industry is almost dead – in 2009 there were produced only 13 Ukrainian films (Statistics of State Service of Cinematography) .

Since Ukraine became independent, during the economic crises of the 90-ies, because of huge piracy industry, changes in social and business structure, movie production was neither government nor business priority.

Local audience got access to “free” market and switched to Hollywood production.

We are publishing Ukrainian scientific work about movies distribution in Ukraine.

According to our knowledge this is first research on this topic.

This paper despite some limitation of the initial data raises important questions about principles and peculiarities of Ukrainian motion pictures market.

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