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From some of the verses of the Qur’an it can be inferred that certain kinds of magic do yield an influence, such as this verse, which says: 5 But, are the effects of magic purely psychological or can it possess a physical impact too?

Such kinds of sorcery, even in our times, are not rare.

In this regard, all the Islamic jurists have declared the learning and practicing of magic to be prohibited.

Furthermore, we present some traditions that have been narrated from the Imams (a.s.) and which have been reported in authentic books.

Imam 'Ali (a.s.) says: “One who learns magic, less or more, has become an infidel and his association with Allah (s.w.t.) s completely severed.”6 However, as we have mentioned, if it is for the purpose of nullifying the sorcery of the sorcerers, then there is no harm in it.

There are numerous opinions regarding the question of 'what is magic' and 'when did it come into existence'?

Nevertheless, it is evident that magic has been prevalent amongst people since ancient times, but the exact date of its origin is unknown; in addition, it is also not known as to who was the first person to have brought it into existence.

However, with respect to its meaning and essence, it can be said that magic is a kind of supernatural act which has an impact on men; at times it is a kind of jugglery and sleight of hand, while on other occasions it is just psychological and imaginary.

According to the dictionary, magic has two meanings: Deception, guile, sleight of hand and legerdemain; and according to the book , which is devoted to analysing words appearing in the Qur’an, three meanings have been mentioned for it: a.

Deception and imaginations, which are devoid of reality - like sleight of hand. Attracting the Satans by special means and seeking assistance from them.


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