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Height: 17.6 cm; Diameter (rim): 8.4 cm, Diameter (foot): 9.1 cm.

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While sipping some wine this Valentine’s Day, reflect on just how old the tradition is.

Using chemical analysis, scientists recently dated the wine-making equipment excavated in 2007 from a cave in southeastern Armenia to be from about 4100 B. That makes the site the oldest wine-production facility found to date, the authors reported online on Nov. The ancient production facility was surprisingly complete, containing grape leaves, withered grape vines, the remains of pressed grapes, a rudimentary wine press, a clay vat apparently used for fermentation, wine-soaked potsherds, and even a cup and drinking bowl.

With solid-phase extraction and combined liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry, the team, led by scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, detected malvidin in the potsherds.

Malvidin is the anthocyanin that gives pomegranates, grapes, and wine their red color.

In 2013 I wrote on a curious 15th century French clay beaker with rings that made a tinkling sound.

Supposedly this was to draw the attention of a barmaid to refill the beaker with whatever beverage that was in it.

Some weeks ago I discovered some glass equivalents of the clay beaker.


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