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Start connecting all the dots and make the outlinethenusing the painting toolscolor the nice painting and apply some glitter on it. Baby Elsa is attending a butterfly theme party and she wants to have a special butterfly painted on her face. First you have to connect the dots to do the outlinethen use the paint brush to color the drawing. She came in your beauty salon and ask you to find for her a great face painting.

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Since she can not do it by herselfyou have to help her.

After you choose a favorite model it is time to connect the dots.

When the outline is doneuse the brush to color it and the painting is done.

Have fun Rapunzel has been so bored locked away in her tower.

She has to find something to do while Flynn is away!

She has discovered that her love of art has led her to a new activity - face painting!! In this game Rapunzel wants you to paint her face in a gorgeous design. Baby Elsa is going to a theme party and she needs to paint a ice butterfly on her face.Since she is quite small she needs your help to make the painting.Start making the outline of the butterfly then use the painting tools to color the drawing.Add some glitter at the end and Elsa will look magnificent.Have fun Sofia wants to win the costume contest for Halloween.She wants a very special and spooky outfit that will bring her the absolute victory.


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