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The Election Committee of JCNC is proud to announce that we have received 30 verified nominations, for 11 open positions with 16 open seats. The following nominations have been validated and confirmed for the elections this year, to the JCNC Board of Directors and the Executive Committee for the upcoming term starting in 2017. Jai Jinendra The Jain e Library website contains traditional Pratikramans (Samvatsari, Devasi, Rai, and Sthanakvasi) and English Pratikraman on audio (mp3 format).

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All files can be downloaded from Jain e Library website free of charge.

The followings are the steps to access and download these files: If anyone needs any assistance to download the file, please call me or send an e-mail at jainaedu(at)

The traditional Samvatsari Pratikraman is about 3 hours of ritual divided into 3 mp3 files.

Also at this time we do not have other Jain sects’ Pratikraman on the e Library.

We are looking for Shrimad, Kanjiswami, Dada Bhagvan, and any other tradition’s Pratikraman in MP3 format so that we can make them available to the Jain community at large.

Michchhami Dukkadam to the entire Jain Community and Every Living Beings of the Universe Pravin K.Jainism is an ancient Indian religion belonging to the śramaṇa tradition.It prescribes ahimsa (non-violence) towards all living beings to the most possible extent.The three main teachings of Jainism are ahimsa, anekantavada (non-absolutism), aparigraha (non-possessiveness).Followers of Jainism take five main vows: ahimsa, satya (not lying), asteya (non stealing), brahmacharya (chastity), and aparigraha.Monks follow them completely whereas śrāvakas (householders) observe them partially.


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