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The ministers of Justice and the Interior announced the legal reforms late Wednesday after a series of high profile cases highlighted the need for stricter controls of criminals following their release from prison.

Under the new proposals, which will be put to Parliament in the coming months, those convicted terrorists and sex offenders who are considered most likely to repeat their crimes, will be monitored for up to 20 years after they have served their jail sentence and their activities may be controlled.

The father of the murdered child said the ruling demonstrated huge failings in the law. "There is no justice." Last month the government was heavily criticised for allowing a notorious Eta terrorist to move into a street where families of victims killed by Basque separatists lived.

The government said it was powerless under the current penal code to prevent Inaki de Juana Chaos setting up home where he pleased following his release from prison after serving only 21 years of a more than 3000 year sentence.

Victims' groups took to the street in August to call for a change in the law that would place controls on released criminals such as de Juana Chaos, who was convicted for his part in the murder of 25 people during a campaign of terror in the 1980s.

Objective: To assess HIV prevalence and predictive factors for HIV among male sex workers in Spain.

Conclusion: Because of the high risk of HIV infection, male sex workers should be the target of specific preventive activities.

Preventive and healthcare strategies that are culturally adapted to migrants are required.

Same-sex marriages were made legal in Spain in June 2005 - a civil marriage in Spain allows homosexual couples the same legal and adoption and inheritance rights as heterosexual couples.

Initially, it was declared that Spanish citizens may only marry a partner from a country where gay marriage has been legalised.

Methods: In this study we analysed all male sex workers who visited HIV testing clinics in 19 Spanish cities between 20.


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