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The reservation number is a 6-character code containing letters and numbers.Entries can be in upper-case or lower-case guarantee you the best rates for your leisure and business car hires.

(Some are getting smarter now and not even telling you it is Nigeria).

They seem well educated, funny, caring, and pay you so much attention!

Once they profess their love and you return it, they know they have you hooked and the money scam falls into place.

At this point they may either talk about needing money for plane tickets to come and see you (of course they will pay you back, they have the money, and often will offer proof that they do have it) and one of the many excuses is because they can't cash their check in Nigeria;the check is late; or it is coming any minute.

Of course, when you go to the airport to pick them up, they never show, and while you are crying and upset, they either call and tell you they had missed the plane, there was a problem with their paperwork and weren't allowed to leave the country, or a sudden illness/accident occurred!

Whatever your type of ticket, you can change or complete your details (e-mail address, telephone numbers, Safar Flyer number), This section allows you to change the date, time or your flight itinerary, as well as your travel class, if you have a ticket that can be modified with or without a charge.

Note: if the price of your new ticket is different, you will be charged a supplement in addition to the costs of rebooking.

To do this, simply enter your reservation number and the name of the principal passenger.

The Nigerian Scammers are everywhere, they are in chat rooms, on My Space, almost every dating website online, Facebook,, you name it.


  1. We want to make sure there will be no hidden charges or nasty little surprises when you least expect them – enabling our students to plan their finances well in advance.

  2. Alzheimer's disease A chronic organic brain syndrome characterized by gradual loss of memory, decline in intellectual ability, and deterioration of personality.

  3. Just when we thought all dating apps were the same, out comes a new one to expand our minds and number of bedmates.

  4. Talk about how humans and other animals eat seaweed too.

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  6. Setting up and replying to personal ads online can get expensive.

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