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He doesn't even really talk to them about why Intelligent Design is rejected by the scientific community versus why evolution is taught. Michael Ruse, who isn't even credited during his interview (more sloppy documentary work), proposes a possible life beginning scenario involving crystals.

This results in Stein asking him again how it's possible...

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Team Dramabeans here, checking in with our updates on the good, the bad, and the WTF of this past week.

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Maybe the Chuseok holiday meant time away from dramas for some of you, or maybe you just watched more...Marriage Not Dating’s writer Joo Hwa-mi and its PD Song Hyun-wook are reuniting for a new drama to be aired next year, tentatively titled Sensitive Boss.When tv N rom-com Marriage Not Dating originally aired in 2014, it became the highest-rated cable drama of its time slot, recording up to 3% viewership despite not having much...Ben Stein shows us a world where Academia's freedom of inquiry might not be so free. This undermines the concept that we will be teaching facts and truth in our universities.However, if you watch how this documentary is formatted you will find that this documentary is overly biased, delving into spectrums of propaganda! Stein sets about proving his premise by interviewing scientists that have been rejected by the establishment.Scientists who have allegedly had their lives ruined because of their belief in something called "Intelligent Design." Science isn't here to persecute people's beliefs and this concept would probably outrage anyone...

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