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“I hardly know you.”“You don’t need to.” Louis replied with a swallow and Harry pulled him in for a kiss that Louis hadn’t realised he was waiting for.

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"Hinata-kun," Komaeda glanced up, struggling to keep his eyes open.

"I'm happy you're here with me," he mumbled before falling into a much needed sleep.

Hinata smiled and wrapped a blanket around Komaeda. Stiles' father moves him away from Beacon Hills to keep him safe only to face a parent's worst nightmare when he falls deathly ill.

Desperate, he returns to beg Scott for the bite, but Stiles never does anything normally so why would he become a werewolf when a wereoctopus is so much more fun?

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"Stay," Harry whispers desperately, pressing his lips to Louis' temple like he can somehow ease the pain that's blooming there, but he can't make the pain stop and no matter how hard he tries he can't make Louis stay. ” Harry asked with a dark look to the corner of the room where Harry Mc Gee was laughing with an old friend.

Louis nodded; he knew Harry’s story and Harry knew his.

Harry had Kendall, Louis had Eleanor and they both had their managers and their bands and their stupid fake images because a celebrity had to be straight.

Harry took Louis’ small hand in his and pulled him through the crowds and various rooms until they were stood in front of two pulsing speakers where Niall was filming Liam on the decks.

Harry looked at Niall’s phone, saw where the camera was pointing and pulled Louis right into it’s view.“Are you sure you want to do this?


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