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The remit of AHSNs is being considered as part of the Accelerated Access Review.

Former NY Giants WR, Plaxico Burress, was sentenced to 2 years by a NY judge today, and has already been sent to Rikers Island in NY to begin his sentence.

He'll later be transferred to a permanent medium security prison once we've all forgotten about him, and some other athlete has accidentally stabbed themselves with a switchblade or swallowed a live grenade.

Watch and listen to our animation, which gives a whistle-stop tour of where the NHS is now – how the new organisations work and fit together – and explains that our new system is as much a product of politics and circumstance as design.

We recommend watching the animation in full screen.

You can also view the animation with closed captions on our You Tube channel. Since then, there have been some changes to the way the system works: The budget for the NHS in England in 2016/17 is £120.4 billion.

Nationally, NHS England commissions specialised services, primary care, offender healthcare and some services for the armed forces.

In April 2015, NHS England’s 13 local area teams were integrated into the four existing regional teams: London, Midlands and East, North and South, each maintaining a local presence.

In 2016/17, NHS England will transfer £71.9 billion to 209 clinical commissioning groups, responsible for commissioning a range of routine services (eg, urgent and emergency care services, elective hospital care, community health services, maternity and mental health services) for their local populations.

While NHS England initially commissioned general practice, CCGs are increasingly taking on responsibility for commissioning general practice in their area.

In 2016/17 a total of 115 CCGs will have assumed full responsibility for the commissioning of primary medical care services under delegated commissioning arrangements.

A further third will hold the responsibilities jointly with NHS England.


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