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The use of client-side Java Script was limited to improving the user experience.

Now this relationship has been inverted - client applications pull raw data from the server and render it into the browser when and where it is needed.

Update (7/3/2015): Hattip to George for pointing out a way to find more plugins that need to be updated.

List is now updated and there's now 4,004 plugins on it.

I also added plugin titles, and author names and contributor username.

Instead of reading through all 4,004 plugins on this list, try control/command + f for your Word username, your first + last name, and any plugin titles you've written. Plugins who use a PHP 4 constructor that do not call either of those also need to be updated, but we don't have a list of those.

Check all your plugins for PHP 4 style constructors, especially your plugins that have widgets.

Not so long ago, “data-rich web application” was an oxymoron.

Today, these applications are everywhere and you need to know how to build them.

Traditionally, web applications left the heavy-lifting of data to servers that pushed HTML to the browser in complete page loads.

The ability to use PHP 4 style constructors is getting removed from PHP.

Without an update, many plugins will eventually no longer work (this is PHP breaking this backwards compatibility, not Word Press) One of the more common uses of the PHP 4 style constructor (as opposed to PHP 5 style Note: Starting in Word Press 4.3, regardless of the PHP version in use on a server, Word Press will throw a deprecated notice when one of the PHP 4 style constructors is called specifically for widgets.

Basically instead of doing these: Here are a list of plugins (or rather the Word slugs for them) that were recentely detected to be using one or both of these methods during a recent sweep of Word hosted plugins.


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