Sexy web page background

That was nice hack, but can these things be done at commercially and at scale?

sexy web page background-87

This means that maximum frequency of a new beat being detected is once a second.

We don’t want to bombard our audience with crazy-fast colour changes!

) Each time a beat was detected I triggered an event to Pusher: void draw() { ...

beat.detect(song.mix); if ( Onset() ) { push New Colour(); } ...

} void push New Colour() { JSONObject col = new JSONObject(); String("colour", colours[pushnumber % 5]); Pusher.trigger Push("rave-1", "colour-change", String()); pushnumber++; } You’ll notice that I’m keeping a count of the number of colour pushes so that I can pick a new colour each time from an array.

That was my ‘server’ done, so let’s move on to the client.

In this case my client is a mobile-optimised web page that the audience visit on their smarphone. $(function () { init Pusher(); }); function init Pusher() { // Connect to Pusher var pusher = new Pusher(PUSHER_CONFIG.

APP_KEY); // Subscribe to colours channel var ch Colours = pusher.subscribe('rave-1'); // Bind to colour change event ch Colours.bind('colour-change', function(data) { change Colour(data.colour); }); } function change Colour(colour) { $('body').css('background-color', colour); } If you’re wondering, the live coding demo went pretty well – except the Wi Fi in the room couldn’t cope with 100s of geeks trying to connect. Thanks again to all those at Oxford Geek Night for chance to spread Pusher goodness.

With this in mind, we’ll be offering perspective on what makes each page special or interesting, while providing some insight into what we would try out in an A/B test experiment to optimize for higher conversions.


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