So flumazenil was used and some of the patients woke up on it.


It is true that my episodes are not as deep as they were, but I still have been living in a dream-like, semi-conscious state for the better part of 7 months (sleeping 12-18 hours per day) with a few weeks of health here and there.

I have been keeping a very detailed log of my experience with flumazenil. I understand that this may or may not work for some people.

And for me the experience so far has been very positive. I know some people will wonder if this is a coincidence, but I can feel myself falling sick (dream-like) when the flumazenil wears off, I apply the cream, and within minutes I am feeling better-Awake! And only time will tell the long term efficacy of this drug.

But because our illness is so rare, it is very difficult to find the funding for a treatment or cure.

It takes ten to fifteen years for a drug to go through the process of biological discovery to FDA approval.

And this drug has already been approved for human use by the FDA.

The drug is being used as a repurpose drug for hypersomnia now.

I feel it is important to be transparent with this trial because one way people with rare illnesses can be helped is through the exchange of information. There is concern about mixing flumazenil with diazepam as one medical research paper stated that someone went into seizure who was being treated with flumazenil for a diazepam overdose; however, it is not clear if the flumazenil or the diazepam caused the seizure.

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