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Any person requesting information on a Level III offender will be provided a copy of the public notification flyer prepared by the Clark County Sheriff's Office. Sex/Kidnap offenders have always lived in our communities.

Overview Accreditation Child Recovery Unit Citizen's Academy Current Scams Domestic Violence Finger Printing Firearms Homeland Security Identity Theft Most Wanted Neighbors on Watch S. Pursuant to the Community Protection Act of 1990, the Clark County Sheriff's Office is the lead agency for compiling and maintaining information on sex offenders residing in this county.

TSanta's Posse Victim Information Sex / Kidnap Offenders Protecting the community from sex and kidnap offenders is of the utmost importance to Clark County Law Enforcement Agencies.

With other member agencies, the Sex/Kidnap Offender Classification and Registration Committee ranks sex/kidnap offenders and assists the community in developing constructive plans to prepare themselves and their families for residing near sex offenders.

Information that is relevant and necessary to protect the public and to counteract the danger created by a particular offender is released pursuant to RCW 4.24.550. Consistent standards for classifying sex/kidnap offenders into risk levels I, II, and III, have been developed in Clark County.

The extent and content of the disclosure of relevant and necessary information shall be related to: The manner and mode of dissemination is restricted by the standards set forth by the legislature and interpreted by the Washington State Supreme Court in State v. Level I offenders are those sex/kidnap offenders who, based on currently known information, are a low risk to re-offend within the community at large.

Level II offenders are those sex/kidnap offenders who, based on currently known information, are at moderate risk to re-offend within the community at large.Level III offenders are those sex/kidnap offenders who, based on currently known information, are rated most dangerous to the public and who are a high risk to re-offend within the community at large.The extent of information that may be generally released to the community takes into consideration the classification level of the sex/kidnap offender.Information on Level I sex/kidnap offenders is shared with other law enforcement agencies.Upon request, relevant, necessary, and accurate information may be released to members of the public.Sex/Kidnap Offender registration information on Level I sex/kidnap offenders may not be generally disseminated unless the level I offender is listed as a transient or has an active arrest warrant.


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